December 1, 2011

Ulvac Develops and Sells ‘ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 CVD-Ni/CVD-Co’ Film Formation System for the Silicide Process for 3D Devices

Chigasaki, Japan, Dec 1, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - ULVAC, Inc. today announces that it has developed a new system to enhance its "ENTRONTM-EX W300" 300mm system series, which has a proven track record at plants mass producing semiconductors worldwide. The newly-developed "ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 CVD-Ni/CVD-Co" system offers CVD-Ni and CVD-Co processing for 3D devices. Its processing capabilities vastly improve productivity and enable greater investment efficiency.

With non-volatile memory considered by many as the memory of the future, the miniaturization of state-of-the-art devices, which are now being widely used, has become a significant issue. As such, it is thought that 3D cells will emerge as the next-generation of device. ULVAC's newly-developed "ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 CVD-Ni/CVD-Co" system is particularly well-suited to handle silicidation for such 3D cells. The system offers not only processing for silicide applications, but also handles other applications such as MEMS with Ni and Co films, so further expansion of the market can be expected in the future.

Features of ULVAC's CVD-Ni and CVD-Co processes

In order to control short channel effects and deal with other issues associated with the shrinking size of devices, there is talk of using 3D gate architecture for all semiconductor devices. As 3D gate structures take hold, step coverage with conventional PVD film formation will be insufficient, and films will have to be produced by CVD. In light of such advances, ULVAC has developed processes for CVD-Ni and CVD-Co, the features of which are described below.

- 100% step coverage for the desired feature size
- Reduced (lower resistance) film impurity
- High throughput by utilizing CVD
- Scalable for future processes and capable of dealing with thinning films
- Enhanced range of applications

System features

1. Enhanced performance for high volume production

ULVAC's top priority when developing the CVD-Ni and CVD-Co processes was for enhanced performance in volume production. As a result of its endeavors, the company has developed a superior process with improved productivity, low COC, and high throughput.

2. Integration of a range of processes

i. In the silicide process, pretreatment (an interface) is extremely important, and dry pretreatment is preferable as a damage-free pretreatment. ULVAC's new system offers the following two types of pretreatment.

- In-situ treatment: CDT (a single wafer chemical dry treatment) + CVD-Ni/CVD-Co
- Ex-situ treatment: RISE (a batch chemical dry pretreatment) + CVD-Ni/CVD-Co

Thanks to process integration, this system can meet all customer requests.

ii. With conventional methods, annealing for silicidation is normally carried out on a stand-alone system, but by incorporating an annealing module in the ENTRONTM-EX2 W300, the whole silicidation process can be performed on this one system.

iii. The ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 has single and tandem type platforms, and with the tandem type, more complex processes (such as back-end processes) can be integrated for high system (process) scalability.

iv. The system is highly scalable and has a wealth of options for maintaining and monitoring process stability, including a process data monitoring system (EDPMS), a non-contact radiation temperature monitor, and an ULVAC compact residual gas analysis monitor (Qulee).

Sales plan

The new "ENTRONTM-EX2 W300 CVD-Ni/CVD-Co" system will be available for sale from April 2012. The company will strive to enhance system performance further, toward delivering a mass production model from 2013. ULVAC anticipates the sale of several systems in 2013 worldwide.

ULVAC is committed to improving customer satisfaction and, by making this system available, it aims to act as a reliable business partner to its customers, and to enhance its service support to customers globally.

The system will be showcased at ULVAC's booth (Hall 2, #2D-701) at SEMICON JAPAN 2011 to be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, from Wednesday, December 7, to Friday, December 9, 2011.


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