Nancy Silberkleit, co-CEO of Archie Comics is relaunching a new live-action portal for with advanced animation and features.

December 2, 2011

The New Equation For Learning: Technology + Comics + Children = Reading

Mamroneck, NY (PRWEB) December 02, 2011

Recently a press release was published on behalf of the organization which discusses Nancy Silberkleit’s “vision” and some of the upcoming plans for the literary program. That can be viewed by visiting http://www.prlog.org/11736682-nancy-silberkleit-co-ceo-o….

Over the past the past few years the organization has been growing in recognition for Nancy Silberkleits unending efforts to combat illiteracy. However this year ComicBookFairs has been gaining significant momentum and has decided to upgrade the entire site to reflect that growth by creating new:

*** Interactive features: ComicBookFairs defines Web 3.0 as “the ability for audience members to interact seamlessly with the components of the internet AND the people behind the internet”. Given the tactile “touchy feely” aspects of comic books and learning, CBF is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this “new wave” of fast-paced technology.

*** Storylines and text: Comic Books are about stories and reading. Period. By populating the Website with rich text and supporting graphics, ComicBookFairs hopes to gain a loyal and dedicated audience to come back to visit again and again to see “what’s new”, “what’s hot” and most important when teaching children “what’s fun and educational.”

*** Animation: Kids love animation and always will. Nancy Silberkleit realizes the “depth of history and legacy” as it relates to Archie Comics in the world of Cartoons and Animation. She is enhancing that strategic partnership with Archie Comics as Co-CEO of Archie Comics to create awareness to the serious issue of illiteracy a platform she is passionate about and as an educator has learned her cure for it. COMICS! Some great stuff happening there.

*** Images: ComicBookFairs (CBF) plans a full array of comic book slides and still photos as an aid to Story lines and web pages. This expansion will also expand the imagination and creativity of the children who interact with the website.

*** Lesson Plans: CBF and Nancy Silberkleit is all about education. Therefore the new website will have formalized lesson / activity plans that will be developed in conjunction with the comic book story lines within the program. These lesson plans will further enhance the reading and educational experience of the schools and after-school clubs participating in the CBF program.

*** Mobile apps: CBF sees the opportunity for the world of Comics to join the world of Mobile Education, and is planning apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry.

*** Partnerships: In 2012 CBF is expanding their depth of strategic partners due to the diligence of Nancy Silberkleit. The level of awareness she has brought to her passion for children to read has resulted with numerous introduction to fabulous opportunities that will be revealed in the new year.

Visit the website today, and it will say “Under Construction.” Nancy wants the site to be worthy of the accolade “Web 3.0.” She realizes that in order to do that successfully, extra time must be taken to enhance the experience of the website. As a result, the site only has limited information about CBF and a sample of the tutorials that coming in the future. The projected date for the relaunch will be Valentine’s Day, February 14th of 2012. That date was selected due to Nancy Silberkleit’s, “Love” for reading.

Anybody wanting to follow all of the progress and hard work of Nancy Silberkleit and Comic Book Fairs should feel free to like her facebook page; Nancy Silberkleit or Comic Book Fairs. Please follow her moves in real time at twitter: nancsilberkleit Lastly, anybody wishing to book Nancy Silberkleit to come to a school or organization to speak should forward all requests to; Info(at)comicbookfairs(dot)com

Remember the new millienium formula for reading…

                     Technology + Comics + Children = READING!


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