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iRise® Drives Speed-up in Mobile Corporate Software, Updates CodeGen(TM) and Offers Free Cloud-Based Access for the Rest of 2011

December 6, 2011

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In a move that helps companies cope with ever-shorter business application development cycles, iRise® today announced the immediate availability of iRise CodeGen(TM) 2.0, offering a variety of new template and coding shortcut enhancements. The new software is part of the iRise suite of tools, which creates visual prototypes of new software projects that look and act like the real thing–long before a single line of code is ever written.

Stakeholders can use iRise to “kick the tires” on new applications–including mobile apps–and give feedback when it’s still easy and cheap to make changes. Once everyone signs off on the visualization, CodeGen jump-starts development by creating user-interface code for the project, saving even more time and money. After CodeGen creates the UI code, developers engineer the remaining functionality and integrate the new code with other pieces of the application.

The second major release of the CodeGen product offers significant advances in functionality based on a combination of customer feedback and the results of the CodeGen Beta program, an initiative run earlier in the year. These include the following capabilities:

  • Control exactly how code is produced with new template capabilities. You can now create templates for every type of iRise interaction–both visual and non-visual–using names or styles to determine which code snippets are used. You can use any iRise parameter, and the code itself can be anything you choose, making it easy to map to existing development standards.
  • New support for the fast growing world of iBlocs, predefined components that work within the iRise rapid visual prototyping platform. Since an iBloc is effectively a way of exposing and integrating production code within an iRise visualization, it makes sense for CodeGen to also convert iBlocs back into code and this too is accomplished via templates.
  • Other enhancements to the product include improved alignment with industry best practices for creating maintainable user interface code, and improved mapping for Cascading Style Sheets.

“As our customers take advantage of pre-built iRise content and iBlocs, we are seeing visualizations getting closer and closer to the desired end product. Interest in being able to generate usable code from these ultra-realistic visualizations has grown significantly,” says Jacques Marine, EVP of Services for iRise. “The inclusion of templates with the 2.0 version of CodeGen forms a shortcut between those creating the iRise visualizations and those who create final coded apps.”

As a special incentive to customers, iRise is making iRise CodeGen 2.0 available in the cloud for free for the remainder of 2011. In order to take advantage of this offer, sign up at http://www.irise.com/resources/register_for_codegen.

Enterprise Visualization – Accelerate Business Transformation

Enterprise visualization software from iRise gives business and IT leaders a powerful way to visualize and fully experience business transformation. Forward-thinking organizations use iRise to visualize the future of their business systems at light speed, accelerating time to revenue with lower cost and improved quality.

iRise is the only enterprise-grade, real-time collaborative software definition platform on the market today. With iRise, critical stakeholders can “test drive” and fully experience critical business systems early in the definition process, without any coding and up to ten times faster than with previous methods. With thousands of projects completed successfully, the value of visualization has proven to be enormous for businesses in highly competitive markets, helping them to:

  • Get to market twice as fast
  • Eliminate 30% of project cost
  • Ensure the success of global sourcing strategies
  • Dramatically improve quality and customer experience.

Pricing and Availability

Version 2.0 of iRise CodeGen is available immediately at: http://www.irise.com/resources/register_for_codegen.

Pricing and customized solutions are available upon request. More information about iRise can be found at our corporate site, www.irise.com, and at our community site, http://community.irise.com/irise.

About iRise

iRise is the world’s leading provider of enterprise visualization software for business applications. Visualization has become a critical competitive advantage for businesses to more effectively communicate their needs to technology teams and give everyone involved the ability to interact with and fully experience applications before they are built. Companies of all sizes like General Motors, UPS, FedEx, Haworth, Manpower, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and hundreds of others use iRise to “test drive” their applications before building, which accelerates time to market, improves customer experience, and drives cost down. At iRise, we believe that by 2020, all business software will be visualized before being built, the same way that every car, airplane, and building is visualized today. Headquartered in El Segundo, Calif., iRise is backed by Morgan Stanley Venture Partners, and Deutsche Bank, and has sales offices across North America and in London.

iRise is a registered trademark, and CodeGen is a trademark, of iRise. All other companies and products mentioned are trademarks and property of their respective owners.


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