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CodeDrive: New Intelligent IDE for Flash® Based on Visual Studio®

December 6, 2011

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — iSpring Solutions today announced the release of CodeDrive 1.0, a new Visual Studio®-based IDE that significantly accelerates Flash development with its new intelligent coding facilities and high performance ActionScript 3 compiler.

CodeDrive was developed to increase Flash programming productivity with its fast ActionScript 3 compiler along with Live Code Editor that ensures seamless writing of clean code.

The considerably higher speed of building Flash projects is provided by CodeDrive thanks to the proprietary implementation of high performance ActionScript 3 compiler. Compared to Flash/Flex, CodeDrive’s high performance ActionScript 3 compiler increases project compilation speed by up to 2-3 times. CodeDrive additionally provides a great set of advanced features that ensure comfortable and productive Flash development: advanced IntelliSense, on-the-fly code analysis, instant error and warning visualization and advanced navigation facilities.

CodeDrive ActionScript 3 Debugger, also integrated into Visual Studio, appears to be one of the best in its class. Along with the basic set of features, the Debuggers also provides much more advanced functionality, including conditional and hit count breakpoints and the support of the simultaneous debugging of .NET and Flash projects.

“We are making great use of CodeDrive for developing Flash components for iSpring rich media tools. When dealing with large Flash projects, CodeDrive boosts programming significantly, thanks to the high compilation speed. We used a variety of Flash IDEs and CodeDrive’s Live Code Editor and Debugger are brilliant! Surprisingly powerful and handy, the new IDE has given us a bunch of great opportunities that other IDEs are inconveniently short of,” – says Alexey Malov, VP of Engineering at iSpring Solutions, Inc.

CodeDrive is aimed to establish the new standard of quality for Flash development tools and provide effective coding, compilation and debugging facilities to the Flash community. Conveniently integrated into Visual Studio, it provides the unique opportunity to develop Flash application integrated with .Net and virtually any platform supported by Visual Studio.

Pricing & Availability

CodeDrive 1.0 is available for evaluating and purchasing starting today. During upcoming two months it can be purchased on the CodeDrive web site for $199.

The fully-functional free 30-day trial version of CodeDrive can be downloaded from: http://www.codedrive.com/download

About CodeDrive

CodeDrive is developed by Russia-based research division of iSpring Solutions, Inc., an international software company focused on high end rich media software development. The company headquartered in New York City. For more information, you are welcome to visit www.codedrive.com.


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