Did Apple Lose The iPad Name In China?
December 7, 2011

Did Apple Lose The iPad Name In China?

No stranger to litigation, Apple´s latest legal scuffle might be causing more than the usual number of headaches in Cupertino.

A Chinese company, Proview Technology, has won a ruling over computer maker Apple in court in Shenzhen alleging trademark violations with the importation of the iPad tablet in China, SlashGear´s Shane McGlaun is reporting.

Apple Inc. lost the trademark dispute on Tuesday, ruling that a unit of Proview International Holdings Ltd., had lawfully registered the “iPad” name for use in China and other countries back in the year 2000, well before Apple started to make the iPad.

Proview´s Taiwan based unit had sold the “global trademark” to a UK-based company called IP Application Development for $55,104 in 2006, the Shanghai Daily reported Wednesday. That company then transferred the trademark to Apple.

But Proview claims the trademark for China´s mainland market was not included in that agreement because the company´s Taiwan unit did not own it at the time. The court agreed, ruling that the Shenzhen-based company holds the rights to the iPad trademark in the Chinese market, the Daily reported.

Proview was seeking $1.5 billion in damages from Apple, who can either make some sort of licensing deal with Proview or just pay the fine and rename the iPad to something else in China, Fox News reports.


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