After Court Order, RIM Renames BBX Phone/Tablet OS Ro BlackBerry 10
December 8, 2011

After Court Order, RIM Renames BBX Phone/Tablet OS To BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion (RIM) has changed the name of its next-generation operating system to "BlackBerry 10," after a federal court in Albuquerque forced it to drop the original "BBX" moniker.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order ( against the Canadian company, prohibiting it from using the name BBX, which is a trademark of the New Mexico-based software firm Basis International.

Basis had sued RIM in October over use of the BBX name.  Rather than continue to fight the suit, RIM announced on Wednesday that it would move forward with its new smartphone and tablet operating system under the name BlackBerry 10.

“BlackBerry 10 is the official name of the next generation platform that will power future BlackBerry smartphones!” wrote RIM in a tweet (!/blackberrydev/status/144256867919609856) announcing the changes.

Basis uses the name BBx for its Business Basic eXtended line of software developer tools, which are used to create applications that can run on a variety of operating systems that use the Java programming language.

The company says it trademarked the name in 1995, but that it has been using it since 1985.

RIM's latest operating system, formerly known as BBX, has been in development for months.  It will be the company´s first OS to run on both smartphones and tablets – a scheme adopted by both Apple's iOS and Google's new Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

BlackBerry 10 is based on QNX, the current operating system found on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

RIM said the new OS would allow increased touchscreen-based controls to new RIM smartphones, and would enable BlackBerry devices to run Android applications alongside native QNX and BlackBerry 10 apps, apps developed using Adobe's AIR software and HTML5 apps.

Although RIM says the new OS is a critical part of its turnaround strategy, it has not committed to a release date for the technology. However, media reports have said the software is expected to run on new BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet early next year.

The Albuquerque judge´s temporary restraining order expires on December 20, unless the court decides to extend it.   However, since RIM has announced it is abandoning its use of the BBX name, the point is largely moot.


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