iPhone 4S Activations Give AT&T A Very Happy Holiday
December 8, 2011

iPhone 4S Activations Give AT&T A Very Happy Holiday

Executives from AT&T said earlier this week that the communications giant will see record-breaking quarterly sales numbers for smart phone devices, with new Apple iPhones leading the charts, reports Mark Hachman for PC Mag. More than 1 million iPhone 4S phones were activated within the first five days of the device being available.

AT&T chief financial officer and senior executive vice president John Stephens said at a recent communications conference in New York, that customers are still choosing to stay with AT&T, even as additional carriers begin offering the iPhone. “One reason for that is customers love the experience on AT&T´s network,” Stephens said.

Stephens claims that AT&T has seen “very strong smart phone sales” for the fourth quarter with 75 percent of the company´s revenue coming from wireless mobile broadband, wireline data, and managed services, he said.

AT&T is expected to add around 450,000 new postpaid subscribers for the fourth quarter, J.P. Morgan analysts are predicting, compared with 1.2 million for Verizon Wireless and 250,000 for Sprint, reports CNET´s Lance Whitney.

“Going into the quarter, we expected this to be one of our strongest smart phone sales quarters ever,” Stephens said. “What we didn´t know was that we would nearly break our smart phone sales record in just the first two months of the quarter.”

“Through November, we have sold about six million smart phones or about 100,000 smart phones a day. To put that into context, our previous quarterly sales record was 6.1 million set in the third quarter of last year. And with a great lineup of handsets, we still have December sales yet to go.”

“We are also seeing higher upgrades than prior quarters, given that we have had customers that are waiting for the new iPhone,” Stephens continues. “That shows that customers are loyal, and choose to stay with AT&T in record numbers even with competitive environment with more carriers than ever selling the iPhone.”

Also announced in New York City, AT&T´s 4G LTE network will go live this month. The carrier is turning the switch on LTE in additional markets this year, including New York City, and it plans to cover around 70 million people by the end 2011.

The company recently debuted its 4G-capable LG Nitro HD Android phone, its third LTE phone so far.


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