Updated Plans Released For Apple's Spaceship Campus
December 8, 2011

Updated Plans Released For Apple’s Spaceship Campus

The city council of Cupertino, California has posted updated renderings and general layout drawings for the upcoming “Apple Campus 2 Project” for Apple and the scale of the proposed building is quite impressive, reports Steven Musil for CNET.

Located across town from the company´s current headquarters, the plans were originally pitched to the city council by the late Steve Jobs in June of this year. Encompassing 2.8 million square-feet, the office building, which would boast a diameter wider than the Pentagon, would have space for approximately 13,000 employees.

“It´s a little like a spaceship landed,” Jobs said of the building, which has a circular shape with curved glass all the way around. According to him, Apple has “a shot at building the best office building in the world.”

Notable revisions from the original drawings include the addition of parking plans for the corporate auditorium, maps of the private jogging path and a proposed expansion of the corporate fitness center from the original proposal of 25,000 square feet to 45,000 square feet, Josh Ong writes for AppleInsider.

Cupertino officials quickly voiced support for the project, with mayor Gilbert Wong announcing that there was “no chance” the city would not approve the structure. Mayors of neighboring cities have also come out in favor of the project.

The gadget-making darling of the tech world plans to break ground on the project next year with hopes of opening the facility in 2015.


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