LightSquared Interferes With GPS Navigation
December 13, 2011

LightSquared Interferes With GPS Navigation

According to a new report, LightSquared's network interferes with devices using GPS navigation, making the guiding service difficult to rely on.

Tests conducted on October 31 and November 4 found that LightSquared causes significant interference with GPS devices.

The U.S. government conducted a study and determined that millions of GPS units in the field are not compatible with the LightSquared reports, according to a Bloomberg News report.

LightSquared is a 4G wireless internet connectivity service that uses spectrum that was previously reserved for use by satellites.

The study saw that its signals caused interferences with the majority of GPS receivers tested.  LightSquared wanted to help provide wireless Internet access to rural areas.

LightSquared is proposing a lower power level that would only affect about 10 percent of GPS devices to try and make a compromise.

The government still has another round of testing to finish on the network, and after that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is expected to decide if the system gets to be used.

The FCC gave LightSquared permission earlier in the year to build the network but said the company could not throw the switch on the system until the interference problems were resolved.

LightSquared argued that the GPS industry should have vacated the spectrum in question years ago and that the industry should foot the bill for the fixes required to prevent the interference.


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