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iTrinegy Replaces Simena Network Emulation at NETCOR

December 14, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England and RENO, Nevada, December 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ –

-Recent acquisition of Simena by Netscout leaves a gap in network emulation


iTrinegy [http://www.itrinegy.com ], announces a partnership with Germany-based
NETCOR, a market leader and value-added reseller specializing in the supply of application
performance technologies. This agreement enables NETCOR to resell iTrinegy’s network
emulators and combines the award-winning network emulation technology with NETCOR’s
strength in the identification and visualization of IT Performance.

iTrinegy [http://www.itrinegy.com ] has resellers world-wide and has signed up NETCOR
as part of our continued global reseller/ partner expansion program. “We’re delighted to
be working with a well-established company of NETCOR’s reputation,” says Frank Puranik,
iTrinegy’s Product Director. “With the recent acquisition of Simena by Netscout, and their
discontinuation of the network emulation products, companies who had previously
distributed Simena’s network emulation range are looking to iTrinegy to answer the need
for application performance testing in the network.”

Jos Op ‘t Root, NETCOR’s Managing Director “Our abilities and expertise demand the
best technology in the market. iTrinegy’s solutions fall into that category and so we’re
really pleased to be able to offer them to our customers.

As a market leader in Germany NETCOR is focused on IT performance. With more and more
applications needing to perform in a wide variety of networks, iTrinegy’s network
emulation technology is a good fit for organizations that need all the answers before they
risk placing their applications into unknown network environments. NETCOR’s focused but
pragmatic approach to IT performance continues to offer its customers the highest
standards of efficiency with the greatest possible benefits.

Companies globally use iTrinegy’s network emulators to show the performance of new (or
existing) applications in a wide variety of simulated environments such as Wide Area
Networks (WANs), Wireless LANs, GPRS, 3G, IP over Radio / Radio over IP (RoIP), Satellite
or MPLS networks. As a result, they can be confident that applications will work and
perform as expected, without the need for painful and expensive fixing, re-coding or
re-designing, when rolled-out into the live network.

iTrinegy Network Emulators
[http://www.itrinegy.com/network-emulators/network-emulator-overview.html ] replicate all
the network conditions applications will encounter in IT migrations such as datacentre
consolidations, virtualizations and migration to the Cloud allowing you to “try out”
applications in an accurate replication of any proposed new network environment, prior to
any transformation. Conducting realistic pre-deployment Proof-of-Concept and “What-If”
analysis will help to de-risk such deployments as by identifying potential application
performance prior to actual roll-out.


NETCOR is a market leader in Germany in the field of IT performance and IT performance
visualization. With strong capabilities in all three areas of products, training and
services, NETCOR provides comprehensive solutions, backed up by strong advice and customer
service. Its existing capabilities are well documented by numerous certifications.
Combined with an in-depth ITIL knowledge this creates very significant added value for the
IT operation for NETCOR’s clients. Headquartered in Buchholz in der Nordheide, Germany,
NETCOR can be contacted at http://www.netcor.de

About iTrinegy

iTrinegy [http://www.itrinegy.com ] develops products that enable organizations to
address the whole Networked Application Performance Lifecycle (TM) from initial design &
development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing performance
monitoring. Many leading organizations deploy iTrinegy technology including ABN Amro,
Alcatel, Aviva, Speakerbus, Commerz Bank, HM Government, TNT Express, Vodafone, Motorola,
Boeing, EDS, General Dynamics, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Schlumberger, Sega, Starbucks, Tata
Communications, Unisys, US Army, US Air Force and US Coast Guard. iTrinegy has offices in
the USA and UK together with a select network of specialist resellers. For more
information, please visit http://www.itrinegy.com.

Web: http://www.itrinegy.com

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