Sprint Getting Rid Of Carrier IQ Of Devices
December 19, 2011

Sprint Getting Rid Of Carrier IQ Of Devices

According to a report by Geek.com, Sprint has ordered that its phones be wiped clean of the Carrier iQ software.

The report said that Sprint asked all of their partners to get rid of the software, starting with the high-volume and high-profile smartphones on the network.

The software comes pre-installed on smartphones, secretly collects data in the background, sends reports back to operators, and cannot be disabled without completely losing all data on the mobile device.

Two lawsuits were filed that accuses Carrier IQ, HTC Inc. and HTC America Inc. of unlawfully intercepting communications from private mobile phones, smartphones and handsets.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has denied the request for information regarding Carrier IQ.

Reporter Michael Morisy of Muckrock News filed a request under the Freedom of Information Act for “manuals, documents of other written guidance used to access or analyze data” gathered by any Carrier IQ program.

Carrier IQ responded to the reports of the FBI´s denial of the request in a statement that said it has “never provided any data to the FBI. If approached by a law enforcement agency, we would refer them to the network operators because the diagnostic data collected belongs to them and not Carrier IQ.”

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reportedly investigating the allegations that smartphone software developed by Carrier IQ has been tracking user activity and transmitting the data to third-parties without consumer consent.

So far, Sprint is the only company who has responded to the growing complaints about Carrier IQ software by dropping it completely.

"We have weighed customer concerns and we have disabled use of the tool so that diagnostic information and data is no longer being collected," Sprint wrote an email to Mobile Burn. "We are further evaluating options regarding this diagnostic software as well as Sprint's diagnostic needs."

Sprint said that Carrier IQ software can be found on 26 million of its devices in the U.S.  However, it said that only 1.3 million services were actively reporting data obtained with Carrier IQ.


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