Samsung Files New Patent Dispute Against Apple
December 19, 2011

Samsung Files New Patent Dispute Against Apple

Samsung said on Monday that it has filed new patent disputes against Apple in Germany.

The company said that the claims filed on December 16 relate to alleged infringement of patents including those for Samsung's telecommunications standard technology and user interface.

"(Samsung) made four more claims; two are standard-related patents and the other two are utility patents. And a court said it would make these claims separate from the April lawsuit," a Samsung spokesman said in a statement.

Both Samsung and Apple have been intertwined in legal disputes involving dozens of cases around the world as they struggle for leadership in the tablet and smartphone market.

Apple accused Samsung in April of copying its iPhone and iPad designs.  Samsung accused Apple of technology patents infringement, rather than design.

An Australian court decided to lift a ban on Samsung's Galaxy on December 9, allowing the tablet computer to be sold in the country for the first time for Christmas.

A San Jose, California court denied a request by Apple in December to ban the sale of three Samsung smartphones and a tablet computer in the U.S.

The latest dispute with Samsung and Apple is over the way the iPhone maker implements the WCDMA 3G telecom standard.

Another patent violation, according to the Samsung dispute, is the way Apple displays emoticons.


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