Trends Show Why We Friend And Unfriend On Social Media
December 21, 2011

Trends Show Why We Friend And Unfriend On Social Media

NM Incite, a Nielsen McKinsey company, released a survey this week on the friending and unfriending habits of Facebook users.

The survey sampled 1,865 adult social media users who were recruited to take an online survey. What they found is that 82 percent of social media users “friend” people they know personally and 60 percent connect with mutual friends.

They also found that 8 percent of the respondents added people to their networks because of their physical attractiveness and 7 percent added people only to add to the number of people in their online social network, 7 percent friend everyone and 7 percent said they will add somebody because of the quality of the photo.

According to the NM Incite research women are more likely to remove users from networks  because of offensive comments, according to 55 percent of respondents. The next highest reason is that they don´t know the person well, 41 percent. Other reasons for removing people include depressing comments, lack of interaction, and political comments. Only 3 percent of respondents said “friends” did not update enough and 6 percent said people update their profile too often.

According to the research, 89 percent of respondents use social media to keep in touch with their families and 88 percent use it to find and maintain old friendships while 70 percent use it to find new friends.

Men and women differ in their use of social media. Women are more likely to use it for a creative outlet (64 percent), give positive feedback (54 percent) and get coupons and promos (58 percent). Men on the other hand are using their online social network for Business contact (48 percent), find a job (28 percent) and dating (16 percent).


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