Amazon Offers Kindle Fire Software Update
December 21, 2011

Amazon Offers Kindle Fire Software Update

Amazon announced a new free over-the-air software update for its Kindle Fire, fixing problems it has faced with the new tablet.

The company's $200 tablet has been sold to over 3 million customers since hitting the market in the fall.

Amazon is fixing problems with "fluidity and performance" and is trying to improve its "touch navigation responsiveness" with the update.

Users had complained of these issues since the tablet was introduced, leading some to give the Kindle Fire one and two-star reviews on Amazon's website.

Other consumers have complained that the Kindle Fire has a lack of security and parental controls.  The company's new update offers an option to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access.

Kindle Fire users said that the new update was slow to download, but was "an improvement" on the previous software.


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