Legal Port For Siri Now Available On Other Apple Devices
December 27, 2011

Legal Port For Siri Now Available On Other Apple Devices

Since the release of Apple´s voice-activated personal assistant Siri on the iPhone 4S, developers, both with and without Apple´s blessing, have been itching to explore its potential.

It has taken a few months, but developers Grant Paul (aka chpwn), Steven Troughton-Smith and Ryan Petrich have released an app called Spire, that will easily set up Siri on any jailbroken iOS 5 device. The program is free via the Cydia app store, Engadget´s Richard Lawler reports.

Previously exclusive to the iPhone 4S, Spire allows Siri to legally operate, although via jailbreak, on iPads, iPhone 4, iPod touches and the iPhone 3GS. The install file is a bit bulky, at least for now, at 100MB and you must also be prepared to set up your own proxy server with donated info from an iPhone 4S to hold the line between Apple´s back end and yourself.

Paul points out that the application is available by using the phone´s own authentication tokens for anyone who already owns an iPhone 4S, or has a friend that does. Otherwise, he says, it may be possible to use Google Chrome´s speech API, hooked up to code that can decode the Siri requests and parse Google´s result.

“Maybe in the future someone will find a way to evade the authorization requirement, but from my position here that´s unlikely,” he says. “Hopefully, however, you´ll be able to figure something out.”


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