Apple Gadget Rumors Heating Up For 2012
December 28, 2011

Apple Gadget Rumors Heating Up For 2012

Product rumors for the tech industry are an industry all of their own, and products coming out of Infinite Loop in Cupertino are always generating buzz.

When Apple released the iPhone 4S and not a completely new iPhone 5 in October, gadget lovers from all over the world were loudly disappointed as it, externally at least, was no different from the iPhone 4, reports Paul Fang of Slashgear.

This week, however, the blogosphere is warming up again with iPhone 5 rumors.

Jonathan S. Geller of the blog Boy Genius Report (BGR), is reporting that Apple´s next iPhone will be introduced in the fall of 2012, predictably following Apple´s new late-year release schedule for iPhones.

Updating the externals of the smart phone, BGR reports, is the use of rubber or plastic as a built-in bezel, essentially replacing the use of Apple´s “bumper case” to surround the front glass, which is expected to expand in size, slightly, to closer to 4-inches diagonal.

The back of the phone, where black glass currently sits, will be replaced with an aluminum backing plate. It will cover a redesigned antenna system that surrounds the device, allowing Apple to remove the large plastic insert above the antennas as the company does on its iPad 2 with 3G.

Along with the updated iPhone, Apple is expected to update its high-end line of Macbook Pro´s, possibly merging with Macbook Air to become a sleek, professional-level laptop with much improved battery life.

Also strongly rumored to be in the pipeline are a line of Apple-branded television sets with integrated, mobile OS powering your viewing choices and possibly bypassing the cable companies completely.

All in all, 2012 looks to be a good year to be a gadget-obsessed technophile.


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