Anonymous Plans To Publish Security Firm's Emails
December 28, 2011

Anonymous Plans To Publish Security Firm’s Emails

The hacktivist group known as AntiSec, which includes members from the notorious group Anonymous, has vowed to release 2.7 million confidential emails it stole from U.S. security firm Stratfor.

The group said it intends to further embarrass the intelligence company it hacked over Christmas by publishing the communications.

AntiSec posted the credit card numbers, passwords, and home addresses of 100,000 of Stratfor's clients on Monday, including Apple, the U.S. Army and Air Force, MSNBC, and the Miami Police Department.

Reports say that Anonymous' goal was to steal money from individual accounts to give as Christmas donations to organizations like the American Red Cross and Save the Children.

Anonymous posted five receipts of donations it had made to charities using the stolen credit cards.

Stratfor Chief Executive George Friedman posted on Facebook that the company will offer identity theft protection and monitoring services to affected subscribers.

He said that some of the people whose names were published by the hacktivist group had simply subscribed to the company's email publications.

Anonymous claims that the data was not encrypted, which could hit as a major blow to the security company.

They taunted on Christmas in a message on Twitter: "Not so private and secret anymore?"  The group had previously promised of a Christmas-inspired virtual assault.

A spokesman for Stratfor said that the company had reported the intrusion to law enforcement and was working with them on the investigation.


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