December 30, 2011

Amazon Boasts Record Sales For Kindle Products

Amazon.com, who usually does not report sales information for it´s hardware products, announced record sales for the Kindle brand in the month of December.

According to Amazon over one million Kindles were sold each week during the holiday shopping season, totaling around 4 million products. Three Kindle products topped the list. The best selling Kindle was the Kindle Fire tablet, with the Kindle Touch and the regular Kindle at numbers two and three respectively.

Since its debut 13 weeks ago, the Kindle Fire has been the bestselling and “most gifted” product on Amazon. Overseas sales of Kindle were strong with England being number one , followed by Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Amazon did not breakdown the sales of the individual products, but MG Siegler of TechCrunch speculates the Fire and Touch sales could range from 100,000 to 2 million units.

With the increased number of Kindle´s sold during the holiday season, Amazon also had more traffic on its website selling electronic media to customers. Gifting of Kindle books was up 175 percent over the same period between black Friday and Christmas Day 2010. This amounted to Amazon having their biggest day ever for Kindle book downloads on Christmas Day.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon´s CEO and founder said, “We are grateful to our customers worldwide for making this the best holiday ever for Kindle.”

Not only did Amazon break records selling Kindles during the holiday season, but third-party sellers who use the Amazon website also experienced record sales this holiday season. Businesswire.com reports that the number of sellers who exceeded $5,000 in sales during the holiday season increased 44 percent over last year.

Scharf Industries, which sells office supplies and electronics increased its sales on Amazon by 500 percent this holiday compared with last year. Andrew D. Scharf, CMO of Scharf Industries said, “we greatly value the cooperation that we have developed with Amazon. They have provided us with the tools necessary to grow our business in a rapid and efficient manner.”


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