December 30, 2011

LG Unveiling 84-Inch ‘Ultra Definition’ TV

LG will be showcasing a new 84-inch "Ultra Definition" television during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

The new television set by the company is being advertised as the "world's largest 3D TV".

"We are bringing together all our Smart TV and 3D knowledge in the 3D UD TV in order to demonstrate to the CES audience that LG is committed to being the world's leading brand for immersive home entertainment in 2012 and beyond," LG Home Entertainment CEO Havis Kwon said in a statement.

LG first showed off the 84-inch 3D display in 2010, but it was more of a conceptual model rather than a serious device.

Pricing for the TV has not been revealed yet, but large-screen televisions of this quality tend to go for thousands of dollars.

LG is also going to display a 55-inch OLED TV panel at the event in Vegas.  The company says it is the largest OLED TV in the world.

The so-called UD TV will offer a resolution of 3,820 x 2,160 pixels.  It will run apps using LG's Smart TV software, which offers over 1,200 apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Last year, the company unveiled its glasses-free 3D television at the Consumer Electronics Show.


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