Hackers Post Thousands Of Israeli Credit Cards Online
January 3, 2012

Hackers Post Thousands Of Israeli Credit Cards Online

Hackers who claim to be Saudi Arabians are reported to have posted credit card information of thousands of Israelis on the Internet on Tuesday.

The Israeli Ynet news website said that hackers called the cyber attack a "gift to the world for the New Year" and they hoped it "would hurt the Zionist pocket."

The hackers claimed to have compromised 400,000 credit-card holders, but Israeli's central bank said only about 15,000 active cards were affected.

"Hi, It's 0xOmar from group-xp, largest Wahhabi hacker group of Saudi Arabia," the statement written by the hackers read. "We are anonymous Saudi Arabian hackers. We decided to release first part of our data about Israel."

Israel David, CEO of Israel Credit Cards-Cal Ltd, confirmed the security breach, but said the cards are already being removed from the system.

Isracard CEO Dov Kotler told public radio there was no breach of security at the credit card firms or any banks, and that the breach was not major considering there are about 7 million credit cards in use in Israel.

Yoram Hacohen, head of the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, said the source of the information leaked was most likely from an Israeli business that did not have its customer information properly safeguarded.

The credit card companies said customers will be reimbursed for any fraudulent purchases made with their cards.