Roku Plans To Deliver Content With New Device
January 5, 2012

Roku Plans To Deliver Content With New Device

Roku, the small maker of internet streaming devices that hook up to your television, has introduced a downsized version of its set-top box, the Roku Streaming Stick.

The Streaming Stick will include built-in WIFI, processor, memory and software that will deliver Roku´s streaming entertainment directly to consumer´s televisions, as it will be fully integrated into the television experience.

The finger sized device doesn´t require cords or power to stream video over high-speed internet connections, it will plug directly into the new MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) slot being introduced into new “smart” televisions, which can show content from websites or mobile devices in addition to conventional cable carriers.

MHL receives its power from the HDMI input and will not work with most TV´s. MHL came about because of the need to plug in mobile devices and access the media on the device concurrently.

The Roku Streaming Stick will be shown at CES next week and available for sale after the second half of the year. So far Best Buy plans to sell the device for $50 to $100 dollars.

As of now there are very few MHL compatible TVs, only a few made by Toshiba and Samsung. Best Buy will also be selling a compatible TV with its Insignia house brand.

The Streaming Stick will carry the exact same features as their popular set-top box. The only advantage of the stick to the box is its portability. The stick could possibly go from the home to the hotel room.


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