What To Look For At 2012 CES
January 5, 2012

What To Look For At 2012 CES

The 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show is just around the corner, and this year attendees can expect more gadgets than they can wrap their heads around.

Last year tablets dominated the show, with just about every booth showing off their latest-and-greatest in this realm.

This year's event will be no different, as tablets, smartphones and 3D televisions continue to push the limits and hog the headlines for the Vegas show.

Microsoft is expected to be announcing its latest Xbox gaming console at the event, which is rumored to have an AMD processor, Blu-ray disc drive, and deeper Kinect integration.

Flexible 3D screens are another topic of conversation that will be seen this year at CES, along with other 3D initiatives driven by laptops, cameras and tablets.

Integration is something to watch out for in the headlines as electronics become more implemented into household objects, such as televisions or kitchen appliances.

LG has the potential to be the talk of the television segment at the event with its upcoming 84-inch 3D Ultra Definition TV and 55-inch OLED 3D TV.  Last year, LG unveiled its "glasses-free" television at CES, which has yet to hit stores.

Smartphones will also continue to eat up headlines at the event, most notably Samsung's 5.29-inch Galaxy Note.  Microsoft will also be showing off that it's what it takes to get Windows into the smartphone market with the Windows Phone Tango.

More of the smartphones will be sporting near-field communication (NFC) technologies this year.  NFC is the next new innovation in the mobile industry and allows consumers to use their smartphone to pay for things like coffee.

Regardless of what surprises may come at CES this year, one thing is for sure: gadget-geek pandemonium will be running at full-force.


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