LG Introducing Google TV At 2012 International CES
January 6, 2012

LG Introducing Google TV At 2012 International CES

LG is expected to introduce its first Google TV next week at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics (CES) Show in Las Vegas.

The new Google TV will feature LG's own Smart TV interface in addition to Google's, plus it will have a new Magic Motion QWERTY remote.  The remote will include a microphone and a keyboard.

LG isn't the only one showing off new television sets at the Las Vegas event though.  Sony, Samsung and Vizio will also have new Google TV hardware at CES.

Google said in a recent blog post (http://googletv.blogspot.com/2012/01/from-las-vegas-strip-to-your-living.html) that Sony will "unveil new devices for the US and plans to offer Google TV powered products in several countries around the world in 2012."

CNET reports that LG will release two TVs, both LCD, and will feature LG's Cinema 3D technology.

LG said that its TV is built for multitasking, while the search, social networking, and TV functions are able to run simultaneously.

"We now have more than 150 apps which developers have specifically built for TV with thousands more Android apps from the mobile world available to deepen your living room TV experience," Google said in a blog post.

More details regarding the new line of Google TVs will be available through redOrbit during the CES week.


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