Survey Shows iPhone Still Dominant, Samsung Rapidly Rising
January 9, 2012

Survey Shows iPhone Still Dominant, Samsung Rapidly Rising

Although Apple opted out of a cosmetic redesign for the new iPhone 4S, a recent survey reports that the chic smart phone is still commanding a healthy sales lead over its rivals on the increasingly competitive market.

A recent survey of 4,000 North American consumers conducted by the research group ChangeWave found that both Apple and Samsung were off to an auspicious start in the new year as the popularity of smart phones continues to surge in a market that is far from saturated.

Sales figures for the iPhone 4S remain remarkably strong more than two months after the product was released in October of last year. And among survey respondents who said they intended to buy a smart phone in the coming three months, more than half said that they would be opting for Apple´s iPhone.

Yet Apple isn´t the only company whose devices seem to be on fire. While constituting only roughly 13% of the current smart phone market, Samsung saw an 8-point explosion in its figures over ChangeWave´s last survey, indicating that consumer interest in the company´s phones have nearly tripled since last year´s survey.

While Apple´s strategy for market domination has been to stick with and continue developing a single ℠old faithful´ device (i.e. the iPhone), Samsung has attacked the market by exploring consumer tastes with an increasingly diverse array of Android devices, the most popular of which remains its Galaxy line.

The survey indicated that Samsung´s newly-released Galaxy Nexus has provided much of the fuel behind its surging sales numbers.  The device is the first 4G phone in the U.S. to use Android´s new 4.0 operating system playfully named Ice Cream Sandwich. And the company´s 4.0 OS update for several of its most beloved phones also appears to be attracting new consumer converts.

Apple and Samsung are not the only firms benefitting from an expanding smart phone market. After plummeting sales plagued Motorola´s previous two quarters, the mobile phone veteran may also begin convalescing in the coming months. According to the ChangeWave survey, Motorola registered a two-point climb amongst participants who intended to buy a new device in the next 90 days.

After a multi-quarter slide, ChangeWave reported that the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer HTC seems poised to continue its descent in the coming quarter.

Industry experts say that one of Apple´s largest assets and the secret to its continued success remains its stellar customer satisfaction rating, with some 75% of all iPhone users reporting that they are “Very Satisfied” with their device.

Samsung and HTC are currently neck-in-neck and battling it out for second place behind the undisputed iPhone champion. Yet in contrast to Apples device, both Asian manufacturers have registered largely mediocre satisfaction ratings, with just under half of their customers reporting that they were “Very Satisfied” with their smart phones. Motorola trails close behind with 45% and RIM came in a distant fourth place 22%–the lowest approval rating ever recorded in a ChangeWave survey.

The survey also examined which operating systems had the most satisfied customers. Unsurprisingly, Apple dominated in this category as well, with another 75% registering the highest level of satisfaction with the innovative iOS.  Reflecting the overall satisfaction ratings, Android OS came in second with some 47%, Windows OS in third with 32%, and RIM OS languishing in a distant fourth with 22%.

Pack-leader Apple is scheduled to release its first-quarter financial figures for the iPhone 4S on the 22nd of this month. While this report will not include the initial sales for the device, it will include its robust holiday sales for November and December.


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