Samsung Unveils New Products At CES
January 10, 2012

Samsung Unveils New Products At CES

Samsung announced at its "Pushing Boundaries" press event at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show a new line of televisions, and its next step into the app-industry.

The company announced the new ES 8000 line, and a 55-inch "Super OLED" television.

Both the ES 8000 and the SuperOLED televisions feature an onboard camera for video chat, and a dual-core processor for running applications.

"Samsung led transition from tube to flat, analog to digital, conventional to Smart TV," Tim Baxter, President of Samsung America, said at the event. "Now we´ll do it again with Super OLED."

Samsung really understands the balance between aesthetics and functionality.  The televisions announced are some of the best looking TVs out there, and they have managed to add both computing power and video conferencing ability to them.

Both of the ES 8000 and Super OLED televisions feature motion control, voice control and face recognition.

Baxter also announced the company's next venture into the application industry.  Samsung will be offering downloadable television shows like Battlestar Galactica through its Media Hub service.

Baxter said that Rovio's Angry Birds will be making both the game and the upcoming animation series available through the company's Media Hub.

Samsung has 25,000 companies developing applications for its televisions, and by the end of January, 20 million apps will have been downloaded on the Samsung devices around the world.

The company also announced its new Series 9 notebook, weighing in at 2.5 pounds and sits at half-an-inch thick.

The Series 9 laptop boots up in just 9.8-seconds and its battery lasts up to 10-hours on a single charge.  The new laptop also features a 15-inch monitor that is calibrated by hand before shipping.


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