Dish Announces Upgraded Satellite Services
January 10, 2012

Dish Announces Upgraded Satellite Services

Dish Network announced at CES upgrades to it´s satellite based broadband internet and DVR services.

The new broadband internet service will boast download speeds up to 12Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3Mbps. Hughes, Dish´s closest competitor, offers download speeds up to 2Mbps and download speeds of 300Kbps.

The upgraded internet will cost $79.98 per month with a $99 installation charge. The price is bundled with Dish´s satellite TV service. The new service will go live, along with the new whole-home Hopper DVR service, when ViaSat launches a new satellite this summer.

According to CNET, Dish CEO Joe Clayton said the Internet service is aimed at underserved markets, such as rural areas, representing 8 to 10 million people. He said, “We see significant growth from this new product category.”

The new Hopper DVR service is different than Dish´s current DVR offerings. The new service will include an extra tuner setup to capture all the prime-time programs broadcast by the major broadcast channels, ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. The hard-drive in the unit will have storage capacity of 2 Terabytes, capable of holding onto all the programs for eight days, along with hundreds of hours of movies chosen by the customer.

The Hopper is designed to work with smaller set-top boxes called Joeys. These smaller boxes can be installed in separate rooms from the Hopper. According to Dish, a home equipped with a Hopper and three Joeys can watch four programs simultaneously.

The size of the hard-drive storage in the Hopper unit will also allow Dish to offer better on-demand shows. Unlike cable, which streams it´s on-demand directly from the cable office, satellite providers need the ability to cache their on-demand shows on the customer´s DVR box, the Hopper will offer this capability, according to the LA Times.


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