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CES 2012: Third Rail Mobility Showcases New Additions to Protective, Optional-Battery Case Line

January 10, 2012

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — At ShowStoppers 2012, Third Rail Mobility (www.ThirdRailMobility.com) exhibits its world’s thinnest battery-enabled protective case that allows users to add extra power when needed, and remove it when it’s not. Additionally, Third Rail is also previewing exciting additions to its product line: the 2000 mAh Smart Battery and the new Jacket Case Series.

While maintaining the sleek design for which Third Rail is known, the 2000 mAh Smart Battery offers more than double the battery life of the iPhone 4 and 4S. Additionally, it will be compatible with all Third Rail Cases and stackable with the current 1250 mAh Smart Battery.

For more adventurous moments — snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking or other high-impact activities — users can simply apply a Third Rail Jacket to their Slim Case, offering an additional layer of protection. Additionally, users can, even with the Jacket on, add the Smart Battery to the back of the case for a quick on-the-go charge.

Available at ThirdRailMobility.com, selected retailers and online stores, the Third Rail System retails for $89.99 while individual components are sold separately: $39.99 for the Slim Case and $59.99 for an additional Smart Battery. For more information on the Third Rail System, please visit meeting place #25859 at CES, or the table at ShowStoppers and www.ThirdRailMobility.com.

About Third Rail
Founded in 2010, Third Rail Mobility (www.thirdrailmobility.com) believes that simple, yet excellent, functional design can improve consumers’ lives. Together, the Third Rail team leverages years of success from major consumer brands in a variety of industries to create world-class solutions to worldwide problems.

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