Sony Unveils New 'Crystal LED Display' At CES
January 11, 2012

Sony Unveils New ‘Crystal LED Display’ At CES

Sony joined the ranks of the rest of its counterparts at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics show by unveiling new television technology.

The company showed off its "Crystal LED display" which uses miniature light-emitting diodes in place of pixels.  Sony uses 6 million LEDs mounted on the front of the display.

Sony said the Crystal LED display has about three and a half times higher contrast in a light environment, 1.4 times wider color gamut and about 10 times faster video image response time than its own models.

The technology competes with organic light-emitting diode televisions, which both Samsung and LG  brought about in new TVs it unveiled this year at CES.

Samsung showed off a 55-inch Super OLED television at the event, which is also equipped with an onboard camera to enable motion control, voice control and facial recognition.

"Samsung led transition from tube to flat, analog to digital, conventional to Smart TV," Tim Baxter, President of Samsung America, said at the event. "Now we´ll do it again with Super OLED."

LG also unleashed a 55-inch OLED television, as well as an 84-inch "ultra definition" 3D TV.

None of the companies announced dates as to when the products would be release, nor did they provide a price point.  Sony unveiled an 11-inch OLED television at CES in 2007 that came equipped with a $2,500 price tag.

Chances are the new technology was more or less created to show they can and may not be put into production for quite some time.


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