Corning Unleashes Gorilla Glass 2
January 11, 2012

Corning Unleashes Gorilla Glass 2

Corning introduced Gorilla Glass 2, the predecessor to the tough cover-glass used on smartphones and tablets, this week at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The new glass is 20 percent thinner and has 20 percent better damage resistance than the previous glass.

The original Gorilla Glass was first introduced in 2007 and set the industry standard for damage-resistant cover glass.

The previous glass was the most widely deployed cover glass and is used by over 30 major brands and designed into more than 575 product models today.

Corning also said on top of the new Gorilla Glass being tougher and thinner, it is able to provide brighter images and better touch sensitivity.

Demonstrations at CES show how tough the glass is by the host applying 121 pounds of pressure to the Gorilla Glass 2, leaving the glass unharmed.


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