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ViXS(R) Announces Digital Living Network Alliance(R) Support for XCode(R) Network Media Processing Solutions

January 13, 2012

ViXS Enables Expansive Distribution of Premium Content on ViXS’ True
Mobility Platform using DLNA Premium Video

TORONTO, Jan. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – ViXS Systems Inc. today announces support
for Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA(®)) guidelines that will enable service providers to offer consumers a
richer, multi-screen experience based on ViXS’ XCode True mobility
platform. Digital Transmission Content Protection over Internet
Protocol (DTCP-IP) is utilized to securely stream premium content to
individual DLNA Certified® products. The ViXS DLNA stack is available as a part of the Xtensiv(TM) software suite.

“Today’s consumers want to watch premium content, such as movies and TV
programs, on their tablets, smartphones and video game consoles,” said
Nidhish Parikh, chairman and president of DLNA. “With our new
Interoperability Guidelines for DLNA Premium Video, we will provide the
framework to enable sharing such content between DLNA Certified(®) products in the home network.”

ViXS is an established leader in multi-media processing and content
distribution with multiple simultaneous transcodes, support for
expansive list of media formats and networking solutions to meet the
demand for multi-screen viewing in the digital home network. Increased
customer retention rates and an increase in average revenue per
customer are some of the benefits a service provider can realize with
using ViXS’ true mobility platform to offer value added multi-screen
services within their network.

“The DLNA software stack is an important initiative for ViXS.This
end-to-end, standards-based solution, enables service providers to
create a richer consumer experience within the home,” said Sally Daub,
President and CEO of ViXS.  “ViXS’ media-processing and MoCA(®) solutions offer a real multi-screen experience by enabling delivery of
multimedia content over tablet, smart phone and connected TV screens.”

Please contact the ViXS sales department at sales@vixs.com for samples, pricing and further information.

About ViXS Systems Inc.

ViXS is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for
processing, managing, securing and distributing high quality video and
audio allowing seamless control, conversion, and connectivity between
many classes and sizes of digital entertainment devices.

ViXS supplies advanced System-on-Chip semiconductors, software solutions
and hardware reference designs for the world’s top manufacturers of
Digital TVs, DVDs, Set-top boxes, Personal Video Recorders, PCs,
Network-Attached Storage devices, Residential/Home Gateways, Blu-ray
players/recorders, as well as Broadcast and Professional Equipment

ViXS is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with global operations and
offices in Europe, Asia and North America. ViXS has filed more than 334
patents worldwide with over 103 patents being issued to date. Listed
for four years running as one of Deloitte’s fastest growing North
American companies, ViXS is setting new standards in the way digital
entertainment is viewed and transmitted across an endless array of
multimedia products.

For more information on ViXS, please visit our website: www.vixs.com.

The ViXS(® )logo, XCode(TM), XConnex(TM) and Xtensiv(TM) are trademarks and/or registered
trademarks of ViXS. MoCA and MoCA logo are registered trademarks of
Multimedia over Coax Alliance. MoCA Certified logo is a trademark of
Multimedia over Coax Alliance.

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