Smokeless Selects Makes Improvements to the Design and Production Process of the Electronic Cigarette to Raise the Bar on Quality and Customer Satisfaction

January 14, 2012

Smokeless Selects is turning to the production process and product design to make a superior Electronic Cigarette. These Electronic Cigarettes will combine features that eliminate leaking nicotine and are manufactured under stricter standards to improve overall quality.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

Smokeless Selects is raising the standards and quality of the Electronic Cigarette by changing product design and improving standards in the production process. “With a state of the art manufacturing plant producing our product, we have the resources needed to get the Electronic Cigarette where it needs to be in terms of quality and product integrity” Reports Jason Golec, Managing Partner of Smokeless Selects. All too often, E -Cig companies rely on cheap alternatives over seas as to manufacture their product. This trend needs to change and we have no problem leading the charge,” Jason Golec continues.”Our first production of one million units produced only five defective units which is unheard of in almost any industry.” Says Eddie Quiroz, Managing partner.

To further improvements of the Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Selects combines enhanced product design with better production standards and resources. “Our noteworthy design combines the nicotine cartridge and the atomizer into a single disposable piece called a Cartomizer.” says Anthony Miranda, Managing Partner. The Cartomizer combines with the battery into the unique two piece design that eliminates nicotine liquid leaks that are common among inferior Electronic Cigarettes.

Alongside the innovations of the Electronic Cigarette, Smokeless Selects has implemented stricter regulations to the production process of the nicotine solution. “When the nicotine solution is manufactured, it is immediately tested for assurances in quality. It is then placed in the Cartomizer and tested once again for the strictest quality measurements. Finally, the solution is randomly shelf tested.” Reports Eddie Quiroz. “Our testing is unmatched in the industry. We use the finest ingredients to ensure the highest quality possible and the safest product we can produce.” Says Jason Golec.

With the higher manufacturing standards imposed and enhanced design, Smokeless Select’s Electronic Cigarettes have been dramatically improved over the competition.”We feel confident that the improvements made to our product will leave the impression we desire amongst our current and potential customer base,” says Jason Golec.”the practices that have been adopted by the majority of our competition has left its mark on the industry as a whole. Its up to companies like us to reinvent the Electronic Cigarette industry one satisfied customer at a time,” Jason Golec continues.”


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