Skype Coming To Windows Phone
January 16, 2012

Skype Coming To Windows Phone

The vice president of the Skype division at Microsoft told Telegraph last week at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics show that the service would "be available soon" on the Windows Phone.

Rick Osterloh told the news agency that Skype was "working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon."

Microsoft's Windows Phone is currently the only mobile operating system that lacks a Skype application.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program, promised last year that Skype would arrive on Windows Phone in late 2011.

Osterloh said that integrations with Microsoft's Xbox and Windows 8 technology would also be made available to Skype in time.

Skype, which was bought by Microsoft last year, has been focused on its Facebook integration and getting people to pay for its premium services.


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