Symantec Says Source Code Stolen In 2006
January 18, 2012

Symantec Says Source Code Stolen In 2006

Symantec said on Tuesday that the hackers who obtained a portion of the security software's source code did so in a 2006 attack.

The security software maker said in a statement that hackers have source code for Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton Internet Security, Norton SystemWorks, and PCAnywhere from 2006.

"Upon investigation of the claims made by Anonymous regarding source code disclosure, Symantec believes that the disclosure was the result of a theft of source code that occurred in 2006," a Symantec representative said in a statement.

Symantec said that due to the age of the source code, most Symantec customers are not in any increased danger of cyberattacks.

However, the software maker said that users of its remote-access suite PCAnywhere may face a "slightly increase security risk."

The hacker group Yama Tough, who are associated with hacktivist group Anonymous, said on its Twitter on Saturday that it would release 1.7 gigabytes of source code for Norton Antivirus on Tuesday.

However, the group restated in another tweet that it decided to delay the release.


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