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Oclaro Laser Diodes Enable the Development of the Industry’s First 15 Kilowatt Direct Diode Laser Systems

January 19, 2012

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Oclaro, Inc.( )(NASDAQ: OCLR), a tier-one provider and innovator of optical communications and laser solutions, today announced that its laser diodes have been designed into the industry’s first 15 kilowatt (kW) direct diode fiber coupled laser systems. Featuring the highest power levels, broadest wavelength range and leading brightness, the Oclaro laser diodes scale from 910nm to 1070nm at high power levels and leading brightness to uniquely meet the demanding performance requirements of these next generation 15kW systems. The company will be showcasing its complete line of laser diodes, which are currently shipping in volume to the industrial, semiconductor, automotive and materials processing markets, at next week’s Photonics West Conference in the Oclaro booth #1101.

15kW and other multi-kilowatt systems are ideal for applications such as metal welding, cladding and cutting that continually require higher power to improve the performance of the laser system and process efficiency. Due to their output power, brightness and “colors”, the Oclaro laser diodes have become a key technology that is driving the development of these next generation laser systems. Because the power of these systems scales linearly with the number of wavelengths available for multiplexing, Oclaro’s ability to provide lasers with wavelengths from 910nm up to 1070nm with high power levels and excellent brightness is the technology that is allowing customers – for the first time – to design commercial fiber coupled multi-kilowatt direct diode laser systems that can meet and exceed 15kW.

“Today’s announcement highlights Oclaro’s continued ability to advance the performance and features of our industry-leading laser diode platform,” said Bernd Meyer, VP Product Management High Power Laser Business for Oclaro, Inc. “Our customers are always looking for ways to expand their business into new markets and applications that require more power and brightness, and the 15kW laser systems being enabled by our laser diodes are key to their success.”

One of the first Oclaro customers designing next generation 15kW laser systems is Laserline, the leading manufacturer of high power diode laser systems. Laserline chose the Oclaro direct diode solutions because they deliver the power, brightness and reliability needed to bring 15kW direct diode systems to market. In addition, Oclaro was able to provide Laserline with its in-house design and manufacturing expertise along with the capability to scale to volume quickly and cost effectively.

The Innovations Behind Oclaro High-Power Laser Diodes

Some of the key innovations that set the Oclaro direct diode solutions apart from competitive offerings include the following:

  • Optimization of the laser diode design structure. Oclaro has its own design capabilities in house, which enable significant improvements in overall efficiency and design. Epitaxial engineering is one of Oclaro’s key competencies.
  • Expert soldering process. Telecom grade AuSn (gold tin) hard solder make the Oclaro laser diodes suitable for demanding applications in CW and hard-pulse operation mode.
  • E2 Passivation Techniques. Like all Oclaro high power laser products, the front facet of these laser diodes is protected against Catastrophic Optical Damage (COD) by the Oclaro E2 mirror passivation process. This enables higher power densities on each laser diode, which allows power scaling of diodes.
  • Vertical Integration. By owning the laser diode development from initial design and wafer form to final product, Oclaro can deliver designs that reach the power, brightness and reliability required at leading cost structures.
  • Manufacturing strength. Oclaro’s global R&D, state of the art chip fabs, world-class assembly lines and supply chain enable customers to enjoy faster time to market, volume capacity and industry-leading quality and reliability.

Oclaro’s Portfolio of Products for Direct Diode Applications

Oclaro’s portfolio of laser diodes include low-fill-factor bars from 50W to 80W and high-fill-factor conduction cooled bars at 120W and active cooled bars up to 200W. These products, all of which feature the broadest wavelength range from 910nm to 1070nm, allow for wavelength multiplexing with 5 to 6 colors (assuming 30nm spacing).

About Oclaro

Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR) is a tier-one provider and innovator of optical communications and laser components, modules and subsystems for a broad range of diverse markets, including telecommunications, industrial, scientific, consumer electronics and medical. Oclaro is a global leader, dedicated to photonics innovation with cutting-edge research and development (R&D) and chip fabrication facilities in the U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Italy, and in-house and contract manufacturing sites in China and Thailand with design, sales and service organizations in each of the major regions around the world. www.oclaro.com.

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