Anonymous Retaliation For Megaupload Takedown Continues
January 20, 2012

Anonymous Retaliation For Megaupload Takedown Continues

Hacktivists from the group Anonymous are claiming responsibility for taking down the U.S. Department of Justice's website, along with other websites involved in the shutdown of Megaupload.

Anonymous said it also brought down the websites of Universal Music Group, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the U.S. Copyright Office and the Utah Chiefs of Police Association

The group posted the logo for, a top file-sharing website taken down by the Department of Justice on Thursday, on the Utah Chiefs of Police site.

The group also threatened that the FBI's website would be hacked next after the agency arrested the founder of Megaupload and several company officials.

"Word has it that is next to go down... will report when it is," a Twitter account affiliated with Anonymous said.

After news broke of the first round of hacking, the FBI's site went down as promised, as well as Warner Music, movie studio MGM's online store and New Zealand police websites.

“The FBI didn´t think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us,” Anonymous said in a press release.

Megaupload's CEO Kim Dotcom and Mathias Ortmann Chief Technology Officer were arrested in Auckland, New Zealand on Thursday at the request of the U.S. government.

The employees, along with five others, are charged with five counts of copyright infringement and conspiracy.  They could each receive up to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

The Grand Jury indictment accuses Megaupload of causing $500 million in damages to copyright owners while making $175 million by selling ads and premium subscriptions.

The FBI seized more than $50 million in assets, including many servers and 18 domain names that made up the network of file-sharing sites.

Anonymous retaliated on behalf of Megaupload in many forms on Thursday, and wrote: "The government takes down Megaupload? 15 minutes later Anonymous takes down government & record label sites."


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