Image 1 - Student Creates Smartphone Made From Bamboo
February 2, 2012

Student Creates Smartphone Made From Bamboo

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A 23-year-old Middlesex University student has created an ingenius new smartphone that is mostly made from four-year-old organically grown bamboo treated to help improve its durability.

It comes equipped with Google's Android operating system and is expected to launch later on this year.

Kieron Scott-Woodhouse said he designed the phone in his spare time because he was frustrated that so many models looked similar to each other.

The device weighs about half as much as an iPhone and features a "ring flash" to improve camera quality when taking a picture with a flash.

“Bamboo may seem like a strange material to use for a phone, but it´s actually extremely strong and very durable, perfect qualities for this kind of application," Scott-Woodhouse said in a statement (

“The whole experience so far has been incredible and completely unexpected.  Completing my final year and working has been challenging, but my course and the project complement each other well and it´s a great start of my career.  I can´t wait to see my mobile phone in shops this year,” added Kieron-Scott.

His company "A.D." is aiming to launch the phone in the U.K. at first, and then later open it up to other markets.

Scott-Woodhouse is not the only person to come up with the idea of making a smartphone out of wood.

Sharp started selling its "Touch Wood" smartphone in Japan last year.  This phone features a 3.4-inch touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera.

The Sharp smartphone's body is made entirely of Japanese cypress, which the company said would not mold and is built for long-term usage.

The technical specifications for the bamboo phone made by Scott-Woodhouse have not been released yet.


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