Swedish Government Site Hit By Hackers
February 6, 2012

Swedish Government Site Hit By Hackers

A Swedish government website has apparently been hit by a group of hackers claiming to be part of the Anonymous hacking network, reports Louise Nordstrom for the Associated Press (AP).

The group, calling themselves CyberForce, said on Saturday it had attacked the government site bringing it down for periods of time by overloading it with traffic. “We have succeeded in the attack against the government,” it said in a Twitter post.

The group also indicated it could launch more attacks Saturday night, saying “this op starts at 24.00,” but it remained unclear at the time who targets of those attacks would be.

Jacob Lagercranser, a spokesman for the government, confirmed the website had experienced some issues, but declined to give further details. “Periodically we´re experienced some problems in getting in on it. We´re working on the problems,” he told Nordstrom.

CyberForce claims to be part of Anonymous, which drew international attention after hacking onto a private conference call between the FBI and Scotland Yard, then publishing the call on the Internet on Friday.

The Swedish attack, launched sometime Saturday afternoon, came during protests in Stockholm and Goteborg, Sweden. Protestors were demonstrating against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) -- an accord that aims to harmonize international standards on protecting the rights of those who produce everything from music to medicines.

CyberForce suggested the attack may have been linked to those protests, saying “we´re not protesting on the (street), we´re protesting on the Internet.”


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