Microsoft Relieves Start Button Of Its Duties In Windows 8
February 6, 2012

Microsoft Relieves Start Button Of Its Duties In Windows 8

According to a recent report by The Verge, Microsoft will be removing its iconic Start button in its Windows 8 operating system.

The report said that screen shots in the "Consumer Preview" of the newest operating system by Microsoft show the button removed.

The button was first introduced with Windows 95 over 15 years ago, and helps users navigate to various segments of their computer.

In previous screen shots of the Windows 8 preview, the Start button can be seen as a sleek, flattened button in the Metro interface.

However, the latest images show the company has taken the button off completely, replacing its ruins with a hot corner.

If a user hovers their mouse over this area, it will give options to bounce back and forth between the Metro interface and desktop.

This build, 8220, will be the final version released before the beta debuts sometime before the end of the month, according to a CNET report.

The removal of the Start button is destined to find criticism with some users, but it will be nothing Microsoft hasn't already faced with its latest operating system.

Some complain that the new operating system focuses too much on being touch-friendly, making it harder when navigating through a conventional mouse and keyboard.


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