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Digitarium® Delta 2 Digital Planetarium System Announced

February 7, 2012

BREMERTON, Wash., Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc. proudly announces the Digitarium Delta 2 digital planetarium system, the latest model in the company’s best-selling Digitarium line.

Digital planetariums project computer-generated, three-dimensional content onto a hemispherical surface. They are most often used for astronomy education but can display any type of immersive content.

The Digitarium Delta 2 is an entry-level system, offering a compact size, quick set up, intuitive interface, high resolution, and wealth of features at a surprisingly affordable price. It is intended primarily for use in portable domes, although it can be used in fixed domes up to approximately 8m (26 ft) in diameter.

The Digitarium Delta 2 projects a 1080 pixel diameter circle over a 175 degree angle of projection, with no cut outs or blind spots along the horizon. It is superior to other entry-level digital systems on the market, avoiding common drawbacks such as non-uniformity of the projection, missing areas of the sky, distorted projection, difficult user interfaces, unreliable software or hardware, easily damaged optics, and poor support.

Rob Spearman, Digitalis’s President and co-founder, says, “We saw a real need for a very low cost digital planetarium system that offered high resolution but did not make huge compromises on quality. The Digitarium Delta 2 is the only system on the market that fits this need.”

Digitarium systems are ideal for schools, school districts, colleges, universities, education service agencies, outreach programs, science centers, children’s museums, and, of course, planetariums. They offer a stimulating environment to help students of all ages grasp abstract astronomy concepts and spark interest in science.

Digitarium systems run Nightshade(TM) — free, open source planetarium software. Nightshade offers a realistic simulation of the sky when and where the user chooses. It renders over 11,500,000 stars and in situ images of deep sky objects of note, including many Hubble Space Telescope images. Users can explore the solar system from many perspectives: visiting far off moons, zooming in on planetary features, or tracing orbits and trails, for example. Constellations from many different cultures are included in Nightshade, and the software is internationalized to support more than 40 different languages. Digitalis leads development of Nightshade, so the company knows the software intimately. Learn more about Nightshade and/or download the software from: http://www.NightshadeSoftware.org.

Digitalis also sells inflatable domes in several diameters for a complete portable solution. One portable system can be used by an outreach program or shared across an entire school district, enabling all students to experience a planetarium without the high cost of field trips or a dedicated building.

Learn more about Digitalis, Digitarium projection systems, and Digitalis inflatable domes at http://DigitalisEducation.com.

About Digitalis Education Solutions, Inc.:

Digitalis was founded in 2003 to create capable and affordable tools for astronomy education. With over 360 systems in use around the world, Digitalis is the leading provider of digital planetarium systems worldwide.

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