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Business School Network BusinessBecause.com Connects MBA Students with Dozens of Active MBA Recruiters with its Weekly Inside View Interviews

February 10, 2012

LONDON, February 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

BusinessBecause.com’s weekly Inside View
[http://www.businessbecause.com/news/inside-view-on-top-jobs ] series helps MBA students
around the world find out exactly what recruiters are looking for in their MBA hires and
gives them the chance to contact the recruiters too.

Every week BusinessBecause publishes an exclusive interview with a hiring manager
within a company or a recruitment consultant. They discuss in-depth the opportunities for
MBAs in their firms, the kind of candidates they are looking for and how to land these
coveted MBA jobs [http://www.businessbecause.com/mba-jobs ].

Nearly all the recruiters featured in this series have a profile on BusinessBecause
and are happy for MBAs to connect with them, make introductions and ask questions!

BusinessBecause launched the series to help answer the questions of thousands of MBAs
looking to work for big-name companies.

MBA careers [http://www.businessbecause.com/news/mba-career ] support isn’t the only
useful service that BusinessBecause.com provides. The site offers news, information and
personal stories all types of graduate business school programs from the distance learning
MBA [http://www.businessbecause.com/news/Distance-online-mba ] to the Finance Masters
[http://www.businessbecause.com/news/business-finance-masters ].

About BusinessBecause.com

BusinessBecause.com [http://www.businessbecause.com ] helps you make connections
before, during and after your MBA.

On BusinessBecause.com [http://www.businessbecause.com ] you will find useful
information on MBA rankings [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/mba-rankings
], MBA jobs [http://www.businessbecause.com/mba-jobs ], and fresh daily editorial such as
the Why MBA [http://www.businessbecause.com/news/why-mba ] series

You can use Business Because

        - Before your MBA - to research business schools, read MBA admissions tips
          and message current students and admissions directors
        - During your MBA - to connect with and contact other business students in your
          city or across the world and build a professional online resume
        - After your MBA - to apply for jobs and message recruiters and stay in touch
          with business school news and the MBA jobs market

We publish journalism about trends in the business school world, the issues facing MBA
students and applicants, MBA careers [http://www.businessbecause.com/news/mba-career ],
MBA entrepreneurs and even some funny MBA stories
[http://www.businessbecause.com/news/funny-MBA ]. We also encourage members to publish
their own stories.

As well as individuals from all the top business schools
[http://www.businessbecause.com/news/great-business-schools-for ] across the world, who can
join for free, the following business schools are partners of BusinessBecause.com: Aston
Business School [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/aston-business-school ],
Chinese University of Hong Kong
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/chinese-university-of-hong ], EBS Business
School [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/EBS-business-school ], Edith Cowan
University [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/edith-cowan-university ],
EMLYON Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/emlyon-business-schoo ], ESADE Business
School [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/esade-business-school ], European
School of Management and Technology
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/european-school-of-management-and-technology ]
, Grenoble Ecole de Management
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/grenoble-Ecole-de-Management ], HEC Paris
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/hec-paris ], IE Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/ie-business-school ], Imperial College
Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/imperial-college-business-school ], INSEAD
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/insead ], Lancaster University Management
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/lancaster-university-management-school ],
Manchester Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/manchester-business-school ], MIP
Politecnico Di Milano
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/mip-politecnico-di-milano ], Nanyang
Business School [http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/nanyang-business-school
], Open University Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/open-university-business-school ], SDA
Bocconi School of Management
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/sda-bocconi-school-of-management ],
University of Bath School of Management
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/university-of-bath-school-of-management ]
and Warwick Business School
[http://www.businessbecause.com/business-schools/warwick-business-school ]

BusinessBecause launched in mid-2009 as the first specialist network connecting
business students, employers, business school applicants and business schools around the
world. We have 14,500 members. Our aim is to provide a useful MBA community with daily
updates on people, schools and jobs.

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