FBI Background Check Describes Apple Founder As Dishonest, Narcissistic
February 10, 2012

FBI Background Check Describes Apple Founder As Dishonest, Narcissistic

Steve Jobs had mediocre grades while in high school, admitted to using marijuana and LSD when he was younger, and was described as narcissistic, dishonest, bitter, and neglectful of the daughter born out of wedlock to him and his high-school sweetheart, according to a background check released by the FBI on Thursday.

According to Bloomberg's Adam Satariano and Karen Gullo, the agency released 191 pages of records on the Apple founder, compiled during a background check when Jobs was being considered for an appointment to the President´s Export Council (PEC) by former President George H.W. Bush in 1991.

The council is a group, according to Gregg Keizer of Computerworld, advises the President in matters of international trade. Members currently include CEOs of such companies as Boeing, Disney, Verizon, and UPS.

While Keizer says that "little revealed in the documents was new," and Satariano and Gullo added that the records "reinforce the picture of Jobs that has been known to many followers of his career and Apple," the file did feature interviews both with Jobs and with many of his friends, associates, and former friends -- some of which painted an unflattering picture of the businessman and inventor.

In a summary of the report, the FBI wrote that many of the individuals who spoke with the intelligence agency "questioned Mr. Jobs' honesty" and said that he would "twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals," Reuters reported on Wednesday. However, the majority of them said that he would be fit for a position in the government, the news agency added.

Portions of the report, published online by the Washington Post, also note that Jobs had no relatives living in Communist countries, that Jobs himself had admitted to illicit drug use while in college, and that he had not always been supportive of his daughter, but that he had recently become "more supportive" of her and her mother, described by the Washington Post as Jobs' high school girlfriend.

Furthermore, the records noted that some individuals who knew Jobs described him as shallow and narcissistic, that his involvement with Indian mysticism and religion had a positive impact on his lifestyle, and that Jobs had a 2.65 GPA while in high school, as well as a great understanding of Japanese culture and "far-reaching vision."

The FBI report also detailed a 1985 bomb threat targeting Jobs while he was still with Apple.

According to Satariano and Gullo, "The agency investigated a 1985 bomb threat against Jobs, in which an unidentified male made a series of calls and said that “devices” had been placed in homes of certain individuals and 'one million dollars must be paid.'”

"The caller left instructions that one of the victims should go to the San Francisco Hilton hotel in order to pick up a note left under a table near a candy machine," the Bloomberg reporters added. "The call-back number left by the would-be extortionist was traced to a public telephone in a parking garage at San Francisco International Airport."

The heavily redacted files, which do not identify interview subjects, were released to the public following a Freedom of Information Act request by the Wall Street Journal, Hayley Tsukayama of the Washington Post said.


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