Foxconn Hacked In Protest Of Labor Conditions
February 10, 2012

Foxconn Hacked In Protest Of Labor Conditions

Asia-based Foxconn, contract manufacturer to hardware makers including Apple, Samsung and IBM, had its internal network hacked yesterday as part of a series of protests against the company´s working conditions.

Swagg Security, a hacking group, says it forced its way into the company´s systems by exploiting a vulnerability of a staff member´s computer using an old version of Internet Explorer, reports Emma Woolacott for TG Daily.

Foxconn has since closed the relevant servers down after the hackers were able to take over the company´s services site and overload it with fake orders purporting to come from vendors including Intel and IBM.

The hackers also taunted Terry Gou, the chief executive of Foxconn´s parent company Hon Hai Industries, by posting his user name and password along with a mass of other sensitive information onto The Pirate Bay and Pastebin websites.

The group released a statement via Twitter along with news of the hacking, saying: “Although we are considerably disappointed of the conditions of Foxconn, we are not hacking a corporation for such a reason and although we are slightly interested in the existence of an Iphone 5, we are not hacking for this reason.”

“We hack for the cyberspace who share a few common viewpoints and philosophies. We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure.”

The hack was timed to coincide with a series of physical demonstrations held yesterday outside Apple offices and stores around the world.

Foxconn and Apple have both been the target of complaints over the treatment of workers at various assembly plants. Both companies have defended themselves, publicly stating that factory worker conditions are of great concern.

Statements from the two companies haven´t been enough to convince the people behind Swagg Security however, claiming on its Pastebin page, “So Foxconn thinks they got ℠em some swagger because they work with the Big Boys from Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple?”

“Fool, You don´t know what swagger is. They say you got your employees all worked up, committing suicide ℠n stuff. They say you hire Chinese workers ℠cause you think the Taiwanese are elite. We got something´ served up good...real good. Your not gonna´ know what hit you by the time you finish this release. Your company gonna´ crumble, and you deserve it.”

Asked about the breach, a Foxconn spokeswoman told CNET that the company does not comment on matters of internal network security.


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