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Altair Semiconductor Teams With AIÓNWireless to Power World’s First LTE Windows7 Tablet PC

February 13, 2012

HODHASHARON, Israel and EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, February 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –

Altair Semiconductor (http://www.altair-semi.com), a leading developer of
ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G LTE chipsets
[http://www.altair-semi.com/fourgee-31006200 ], and AION Wireless (
http://www.aionwireless.com), a leading developer of advanced wireless information
technologies, today announced the availability of the world’s first Windows7-based LTE
Tablet PC, the AION Wireless TXA140 LTE.

The AIONWireless TXA140 LTE Model (released May 2011 and currently tested by several
operators) is a tablet employing state-of-the-art Mobile Computing Technology and
Multimedia Functionality behind a 10.1″ touchscreen panel. In addition to Bluetooth(TM)
and WiFi 802.11 b/g/n wireless support, it provides full LTE connectivity using
Altair’sFourGee(TM) -3100/6200 LTE chipset.

The next generation of AIONWireless’ tablet – model AU116 LTE Intel i5/i7 -
highlighted by a 11.6″ touchscreen panel and Windows 8 compatibility, will be released in
the first half of 2012 and will also provide full LTE connectivity using Altair’s FourGee
(TM) -3100/6200 LTE chipset.

“As tablet PCs continue to play an increasingly important role for professional and
personal use, it is important to ensure consumers that they are receiving the very best
when it comes to functionality, speed, performance and security, something that we have
achieved with our line of LTE tablets,” said Dennis Murray, Chief Technology Officer at
AIONWireless. “Additionally, our partnership with Altair allows us to deliver the benefits
of LTE to our consumers, enabling them to fully enjoy the mobile experience.”

Altair’s FourGee-3100/6200 is a 3GPP LTE chipset that supports LTE throughputs in
excess of 100Mbps/50Mbps DL/UL respectively. The chipset implements a high performance
MIMO receiver and is based on a proprietary OsquaredP(TM) Software Defined Radio (SDR)
processor [http://www.altair-semi.com/o2p-%E2%80%93-software-defined-radio-sdr-processor
], offering performance which significantly exceeds traditional communications DSP cores,
yet consumes a fraction of the power. The FourGee-3100/6200
[http://www.altair-semi.com/fourgee-31006200 ] supports both FDD and TDD variants using
single software, and covers any LTE frequency band in the range between 700-2700MHz. The
combined chipset offers terminal manufacturers a true global solution.

“We are proud to partner with AIONWireless on this unique LTE tablet, providing
end-users with superior speed and performance in a sleek and extremely user-friendly
product,” said Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development at
Altair Semiconductor. “The intense work that we have undertaken to test and verify our
chipsets is now beginning to pay off and we look forward to continue working with
AIONWireless on introducing additional products to the market.”

About AIONWireless

AIONWireless is a leading mobile solutions development company. It provides mobile
operators with complete soft- and hardware solutions for every element of their evolving
networks at an affordable price. AIONWireless’ flexibility and ability to translate
customers needs to a real solution (from idea, to proof-of-concept, to actual deployment)
in the shortest possible time are an integral parts of it’s success. With it’s solutions
currently deployed at leading service providers in Europe and Asia AIONWireless adds
actual value to the global mobile broadband experience. AIONWireless is headquartered in
Eindhoven, the Netherlands with an additional office in South Korea. Please visit


About Altair Semiconductor

Altair Semiconductor [http://www.altair-semi.com ] is the world’s leading developer of
ultra-low power, small footprint and high performance 4G semiconductors
[http://www.altair-semi.com/industry-technology ]. Altair’s chipsets can be found in
approximately 30 end-user devices – ranging from USB dongles to smartphones – built by its
more than 15 customers across North America, Europe, China, India and Taiwan – making it
one of the only TDD/FDD LTE chipset manufacturers
[http://www.altair-semi.com/3gpp-lte-chipsets ] in the world with commercially available
products. Altair’s comprehensive product portfolio includes baseband processors,
multi-band RF transceivers for both FDD and TDD bands, and a range of reference hardware
and product level protocol stack software. Based on a novel, proprietary Software Defined
Radio (SDR) processor, codenamed “O2P(TM)”, Altair’s products
[http://www.altair-semi.com/overview ] are the smallest and most highly power optimized in
the industry, offering an unmatched combination of flexibility and performance. For more
information, visit the company’s website at http://www.altair-semi.com. Follow Altair
on Twitter: @AltairSemi

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