Tim Cook Offers A Peek At Apple’s Future, Remarks On Current Concerns
February 15, 2012

Tim Cook Offers A Peek At Apple’s Future, Remarks On Current Concerns

New Apple CEO Tim Cook has had his hands full since he took over the reins of the world´s most-watched company last year. Earlier this week, however, he appeared on stage at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco to take part in a wide-ranging discussion about the company and where it may be focusing its attention next.

Although traditionally tight-lipped about its future, Cook took the opportunity to assess Apple´s cultural responsibilities, Slashgear´s Shane McGlaun reports.

Cook discussed working conditions at its China factories assembling Apple products along with the philosophy of Apple. Cook also gave up a few tidbits about the future of iCloud that were very interesting.

The cloud based syncing service currently has a claimed 100 million users. Cook last month announced the service had 85 million users. This means Apple has added 15 million new users to iCloud which is considered to be an integral part of a long-term strategy for the future.

Apple´s iCloud service was introduced last year deeply embedded into its iOS 5 software. This displays a heavy adoption of Apple´s cloud services. Cook explained that it wasn´t just a product, but a “strategy for the next decade” of Apple´s business, reports Matthew Panzarino for The Next Web.

Cook explained how iCloud took a household with multiple Macs and iDevices and simplified the interchange of information as the primary drive behind the introduction of the cloud storage.

Apple has also been the subject of criticism for its assembly plant conditions. Cook, was, as you might expect, keen to stress how seriously Apple takes allegations of worker abuses and long hours.

“Our commitment is simple,” Cook remarked. “Every worker has the right to a fair and safe work environment, free of discrimination, where they can earn competitive wages and they can voice their concerns freely. Apple´s suppliers must live up to this to do business with Apple.”

Cook said that the company was investigating facilities in the supply chain constantly and fixing problems along the way, reports Trevor Moggs for Digital Trends. Cook took the opportunity to try to reassure people that it is doing what it can to iron out the problems. The CEO said the number one priority in this area was to eliminate underage labor in the supply chain, which he said was rare but nevertheless “abhorrent.”

The CEO also remarked on the number of iPhones being sold, an unprecedented 37 million in its last quarter alone. “We were pretty happy with that,” Cook said modestly, but what he said next gives us some insight into the company´s determined approach to marketing.

“Let me give you the way I look at the numbers,” Cook told Shope. “As I see it, that 37 million for last quarter represented 24 percent of the smart phone market. There´s three out of four people buying something else. Nine out of ten phone buyers are buying something else.”

Cook said the key to increasing its share of the market was to concentrate on making what he says are the world´s best products. “We think if we stay laser-focused on that, and continue to develop the ecosystem around the iPhone, that we have a pretty good opportunity to take advantage of this enormous market,” he said.

The new CEO also remarked on the success of the iPad, saying of the sales numbers, “It is so large in my view [because] the iPad has stood on the shoulders of everything that came before it. The iTunes Store was already in play, the App Store was already in play. People were trained on iPhone. They already knew about multitouch. Lots of things that became intuitive when you used a tablet, came from before.”

And remarking on his position replacing the iconic Steve Jobs, Cook says, “Apple is this unique culture and unique company,” he said. “You can´t replicate it. I´m not going to witness or permit the slow undoing of it. I believe in it so deeply.

“Steve grilled in all of us over many years, the company should revolve around great products. We should stay extremely focused on a few things, rather than try to do so many that we did nothing well.” Cook will be happy with the way things have gone since taking over at the top, with impressive financial figures being reported last month for its most recent quarter.


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