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Metaforic to Exhibit at RSA Conference 2012, San Francisco

February 16, 2012

SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Metaforic today announced that it will showcase its next-generation security software at RSA Conference 2012 in San Francisco. This security hardening software enables software creators and open source users to build more secure networks, information systems, and software infrastructure.

Enterprises, utilities, and government agencies put their trust in the network infrastructure that runs their critical systems, and stores their sensitive data. However, these networks continue to be compromised by hackers. Recent high profile attacks illustrate the damage caused by cyber security breaches such as data theft, corporate espionage, system downtime, corporate liability, and loss of revenue and reputation. During RSA Conference 2012, Metaforic will illustrate how MetaFortress can be added to cyber security systems to ensure that breaches are discovered quickly and the threat minimized.

MetaFortress enables software creators to harden software in order to prevent hackers from making unauthorized modifications to code or critical data, on disk or in memory. It provides continuous monitoring from within to ensure that the software’s integrity remains intact. This next generation security is particularly relevant to organizations that are under increased risk of sophisticated attack such as financial transaction systems, banking endpoints or utilities such as nuclear power plants or water treatment facilities using SCADA.

Andrew McLennan, Metaforic CMO and Co-founder, said, “Custom malware and the malicious insider have now demonstrated that traditional perimeter security is ineffective. A new approach is needed that can provide resilience and dependability from inside the network, particularly when it is under attack by sophisticated hackers. We can provide this with MetaFortress.”

Metaforic will be exhibiting at Booth #354, RSA Conference, Moscone Center, San Francisco from 27(th) February to 1(st) March 2012.

About Metaforic
Metaforic was founded in 2006, and has operations in the USA, EU and Japan. Its flagship product line, MetaFortress, protects virtually any software from subversion, theft, tampering or other corruption. MetaFortress is proven in millions of deployed instances, from consumer software to business devices. Users of MetaFortress find it is easy to apply, has near-zero runtime impact, and defends their software from the inside out. Only software protected by Metaforic earns the Mark of Security.

Further information is available at Metaforic’s website www.metaforic.com.

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