Microsoft Officially Unveils New Windows Logo
February 18, 2012

Microsoft Officially Unveils New Windows Logo

Redmond, Washington-based computing giant Microsoft has confirmed that they will be doing away with their iconic, more than two decade old multicolor flag-style logo and replacing it with a simplified, one-color image that will launch alongside its upcoming Windows 8 operating system software.

According to TechCrunch's Devin Coldewey and Fudzilla's Jon Worrel, the new logo had been leaked by Chinese website CNBeta earlier in the week, but there had been some question whether or not it was authentic.

Those doubts were laid to rest on Friday when Microsoft Principal Director of User Experience for Windows Sam Moreau made the official announcement in a blog entry.

"We have said that Windows 8 is a complete reimagination of the Windows operating system. Nothing has been left unexplored, including the Windows logo, to evaluate how it held up to modern PC sensibilities," Moreau wrote.

"The Windows logo is a strong and widely recognized mark but when we stepped back and analyzed it, we realized an evolution of our logo would better reflect our Metro style design principles and we also felt there was an opportunity to reconnect with some of the powerful characteristics of previous incarnations," he added.

Tim Conneally of BetaNews reports that the new logo was designed by Paula Scher of the Pentagram Design Agency -- the same firm behind the logo for the Citi banking group and the packaging for the artificial sweetener Truvia.

CNET's Jay Greene says that the new Windows image looks somewhat like "the inverse of the flag of Finland," boasting a thin white cross in the middle of a blue background. Greene notes that the change came about because the company wanted to move away from the previous logo, which more closely resembled a flag, and replace it with a new image that was more comparable to a window.

Moreau wrote that the company "wanted the new logo to be both modern and classic by echoing the International Typographic Style (or Swiss design) that has been a great influence on our Metro style design philosophy," and that they also hoped that the image would come off as being "humble, yet confident."

The reaction to the new logo has been mixed, said Coldewey.

"Some like the new design. Some don´t“¦ Personally, I´m not a fan. I understand the idea of the clean break and of evoking the Metro interface. That´s fine. But the logo fails for me because it doesn´t represent Windows as a brand, it represents a visual theme that hasn´t shipped and isn´t familiar to most users," he wrote.

According to Greene, Microsoft has yet to announce when Windows 8 will be released, though he says that most analysts predict it will hit store shelves sometime before the end of 2012. The CNET reporter also added that the company is expected to unveil the beta version of the OS later on this month.


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