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Clarity for Consumers Helps Credit-Challenged Consumers Understand and Gain Access to Credit

February 20, 2012

CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Clarity for Consumers announces the launch of its new website, clarityforconsumers.com, that provides consumer access to the Clarity Credit Report, learning resources, and the ability to locate service providers serving the thin-file and under banked market.

“We know this is a game-changer for our industry,” says Alice Vassel, executive director of Clarity for Consumers. “This is the first time, outside of a possible adverse action notice, that consumers are able to pull an alternative credit report and view what many lenders and service providers use as companion data to determine consumer credit-worthiness. Many consumers are not even aware this information is captured and reviewed by providers for credit-based services. This is ground-breaking transparency and we are excited to be leading the way.”

The Clarity Credit Report, a product of Clarity Services, Inc., provides real-time credit information not captured by the traditional bureaus. The report is used in the non-traditional and traditional lending space to help determine the credit worthiness of non-prime consumers. For many this will be the first time they hear of this important report and the bureau behind it.

“There is an estimated 60 million non-prime consumers, many of them seeking credit-based services,” says Tim Ranney, president and founder of Clarity Services, Inc. “Many are unaware that there is an entire universe of financial services available to them and that these providers depend more on a Clarity Credit Report to make their decisions than traditional reports.”

Along with delivering the unique credit report, the website features a learning resource center with guides for understanding the Clarity Credit Report, downloadable articles, video tutorials, and more.

In addition to learning resources, consumers are able to search for service providers that use the Clarity Credit Report in their decision making process and offer services which meet their personal credit needs. Provider listings include all contact information for the provider, such as a link to their website, phone numbers, addresses, and in the future, customer ratings.

“We are working diligently to add new credentialed service providers that provide services in all the types of credit resources that consumers need the most,” says Vassel. “We are taking proactive steps in educating consumers on the value of the Clarity Credit Report to service providers and the financial options people have as they become more credit-aware and empowered.”

One key component to the provider listing page is the provider ratings submitted by actual consumers. Ratings will be based on a number of elements ranging from provider services to the clarity of service terms and conditions. The ratings are intended to assist future visitors in making informed provider selections.

Clarity for Consumers launched Wednesday, Feb. 15 and can be found at www.clarityforconsumers.com. Consumers interested in their Clarity Credit Report may access it for 99 cents with no hidden additional fees, no monthly monitoring service, or other continued usage commitments. The site only lists those service providers that use the Clarity Credit Report, all or in part, for their underwriting decisions and, does not charge providers a fee to be listed on the site.

For more information about Clarity for Consumers, or participating as a listed service provider, please contact Alice Vassel at lvassel@clarityservices.com.

About Clarity for Consumers

Clarity for Consumers, Inc. provides Clarity Credit Reports and learning resources to assist consumers in becoming credit?aware. This includes educating consumers on their credit status, providing them the ability to obtain a non?traditional credit report not available from traditional reporting agencies, and empowering them to take control of their credit life.

About Clarity Services, Inc.

Since 2008, Clarity Services Inc., a real-time credit bureau, has provided real-time fraud detection and credit risk management solutions for the under-banked, non-prime, and thin/no-file consumer segment. Over 400 alternative lenders rely on Clarity Credit Reports more often than those offered by the traditional credit bureaus when making their credit decisions. Clarity Services’ suite of reports helps providers make informed decisions with complete visibility into information that the major bureaus fail to capture.

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