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Coupons.org Launches With Infographic Announcing “The Coupon Comeback”

February 21, 2012

SEATTLE, Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The consumer savings and couponing site, Coupons.org marks its launch this week with an infographic on the revival of the coupon. The graphic examines recession-era attitudes that signal the coupon’s comeback, the surprising demographics of couponers, and the coupon’s evolution since its last surge in popularity over 20 years ago.

The number of coupons has multiplied over the last several years; online coupons alone increased 360% since before the 2008 recession. The graphic, “The Coupon Comeback” also points out that only 0.6% of potential savings are redeemed annually. The graphic reveals that the number or quality of coupons doesn’t limit consumer savings. In the age of online and mobile coupons, shoppers miss out on meaningful savings mostly because they lack awareness of and access to the right offers. Coupons.org offers its authoritative coupon directory and consumer guides, to makes online couponing simple and strategic for shoppers too busy to manually search thousands of exclusive deals online.

Coupons.org acts as a shopping and savings dashboard for every online shopper, from coupon experts to the coupon-curious. A one-stop savings resource, the site offers instant search for the top coupon codes, consumer advice, and daily shopping deals online. With coupons for everything from top designer labels to the latest electronics, Coupons.org aims to answer the demand for a site that can save money on just about any online purchase.

Consumer demands are changing. Nowadays, one in five smartphone users use mobile coupons. Coupons.org works to suit these changing shopping trends by additionally providing in-store electronic discount codes and promotional codes for the time-stretched coupon user. Coupons.org makes it easy to get started; asking simply, “What are you shopping for today?” With its innovative search features, coupons.org takes care of the rest, allowing consumers to save on time and money for the products they need.

View “The Coupon Comeback” here: http://coupons.org/pages/the-coupon-comeback-are-you-missing-out

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