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New Release of Unisys Secure Cloud Computing Solution Gives Clients Better, More Cost-Efficient Resource Management

February 21, 2012

BLUE BELL, Pa., Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced release 2.1 of its Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution. The new release addresses a key challenge facing IT management: lowering IT costs by managing resources more efficiently.

Release 2.1 includes a new dashboard capability that gives administrators a single, integrated view of all cloud resources: servers, networks, storage systems and more. They can use the dashboard to determine the operational status of specific resources and take necessary actions to respond to business changes in real time, deliver performance mandated by service-level agreements (SLAs) and increase infrastructure productivity.

For example, if the administrator of a retail website knows that a new promotion has increased hits on the customer-service application beyond expected levels, they can, within minutes, use the dashboard to increase network bandwidth, find idle servers and switch them to productive use and create new virtual machines on active servers to handle the temporary workload. When the requirement has passed, the administrator can decommission the added resources to eliminate associated overhead costs.

“This advanced dashboard capability gives organizations the visibility they need to better manage their cloud resources and expenditures,” said Rod Sapp, vice president, Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing Products and Technology, Unisys. “As the adage goes, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. With Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, organizations can finally get their arms around all of their cloud investments so that they can realize the benefits in responsiveness and cost savings that cloud computing offers.”

The Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution streamlines provisioning and management of critical IT resources, helping clients reduce provisioning time from weeks to minutes.

Based on client feedback as well as Unisys’ own experience in running its entire engineering development operation thorough this solution, Unisys estimates that the Secure Private Cloud Solution can yield a typical organization operational and cost avoidance savings of up to $6 million over five years. (1)

The enhanced dashboard capability in release 2.1 complements key features in release 2 of the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, announced in November 2011:

  • An open software framework affording greater flexibility to integrate with widely used IT service management systems such as BMC Remedy and IBM Tivoli.
  • Software-based single-pane management. Separated from the physical platform and linked to the administrative console only by an IP connection, this facility enables IT administrators to connect to the management interface through a browser on an iPad or any other mobile device.
  • Role-based single sign-on security for simplified access to cloud operations.
  • Tight integration with Unisys remote infrastructure management services, which monitor and correlate events across all segments of a managed infrastructure to orchestrate preventive and pre-emptive action against potential IT faults.
  • Enhanced automated orchestration capabilities that enable faster policy-based allocation of resources to meet fluctuating business demands.
  • Metering that tracks resource usage and allocates charges back to business organizations, with each group paying only for the resources it uses.

Notes to Editors

(1) Estimate based on a TCO analysis and case study performed by Unisys, which can be viewed here.

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