Twitter And Russian Search Engine Yandex Partner For Search Results
February 21, 2012

Twitter And Russian Search Engine Yandex Partner For Search Results

A partnership has been agreed to between Russian search engine Yandex and social network Twitter that will allow Yandex to show recent tweets in search engine results as Twitter continues its growth into an increasingly important source of real-time information.

Yandex will have access to the constant flow of public tweets in an agreement similar to the one the social short-messaging site has with Microsoft´s search engine, Bing, Reuters´ Georgina Prodhan reports.

Twitter´s director of business development, April Underwood, told Reuters by phone, “We wanted to make sure that Twitter content can be where Twitter users are already going. Discovery through search is so important.”

It will also allow the Moscow-based company “to improve the quality of the search,” and users will be able to find tweets “just moments after they have appeared,”explained Anton Pavlov, Yandex´s blog search manager.

“People share news, exchange opinions and discuss all sorts of matters in real-time all the time. This kind of information will help us enhance our search results,” Pavlov continued.

With more than 100 million active users and 400 million visitors per month, Twitter´s valuation tops $8 billion, even though it has not yet established a money-making model. The two companies declined to give financial details of their agreement. Microsoft has been reported to have paid $30 million for its similar deal with Twitter, AP reports.


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